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Bigs Soft Services Prime Infosoft Pvt. Ltd.

We follow 6 main strategies to make a project successful:


We schedule an Initial project meeting before the start of the project. This project meeting helps in sharing the information of the project. This involves a lot of discussion on the project phases & timelines. Floor plan creation and complete requirement analysis on the project.


Complete planning on the deliverables and project goals. Estimated deadlines and outputs to produce. Setting up firm milestones to meet the deadlines and deliverables. Ensure meeting those to keep clients happy.


Design a project framework with complete functionalities, key features and other necessary criteria for success. Laying out details with flowcharts, site trees, HTML Screen designs, screenshots & photos.


Arrangement of the assets needed to implement the project. Order essential tools & materials required for the project. The development phase considers as complete when implementation is ready to start.


Quality check or assurance is responsible for making sure that the necessary functionalities and activities are working as required. It involves review of the design, testing of the project & checking integration to any third party tool


Conduction of review and improvement of the project to scale over the years. Checking feasibility on the technology & other advanced features to incorporate in the future.

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